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Growing the Sisterhood

We appreciate your heartfelt interest in gaining membership in our illustrious sorority.   At this time, the Montgomery County (MD) Alumnae Chapter is not planning to conduct Membership Intake.  In the meantime, if you would like information about becoming a member, please visit our National Headquarters’ website.

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Applicant Rights

This statement of the rights and responsibilities of those individuals who are applicants for membership in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (“Sorority”) is for the dual purpose of:

1. setting forth in a summary form, the Sorority’s fundamental principles regarding the rights of an applicant to be free from harassment, whether by physical or mental abuses associated with hazing activities, by individual members or chapters of the Sorority during the membership Intake Program and

2. correspondingly, the responsibilities and obligations of the applicant not to allow herself to be subjected to such abuses, nor to participate in any activity during which these abuses occur; and to report such abuses or occurrences forth-with to the Sorority’s chapter officers, chapter advisors, Regional Officers, National Officers and National Headquarters, as appropriate.

The Membership Intake Process of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and the Ritual outline required activities for ceremonial dress. Our governing documents contain absolute prohibitions against hazing related activities before, during and after the membership Intake Program and provide for specific sanctions against the members and the chapters for violations of these prohibitions.

The Code of Conduct is embodied in this Applicant Rights and Responsibilities Statement and sets forth the types of improper conduct on the part of sorors, applicants, and candidates which the Sorority considers unacceptable. Such improper and unacceptable conduct is subject to the sanctions or fines or both as listed in the Code of Conduct.

The following are the types of conduct that are deemed as unacceptable and violative of the Sorority’s policies in connection with the membership Intake Program:

  1. Pre-initiation and/or underground activities are in violation of the Sorority’s most sacred trust. Underground is anything that is contrary to approved activities.
  2. HAZING and abuse are expressly prohibited. These include, but are not limited to:
      Several examples are: paddling, beating, slapping, kicking, pushing, blindfolding, sleep deprivation, exercising of any kind, duck-walking, tearing clothes, disruption of hair styles and/or damage of hair, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs, forcing the use of alcohol, drugs or the eating of so-called “Delta Food”.

      Several examples are: any morally degrading, illegal, or indecent activity, or any type of activity that may be in violation of legal statutes or policies of the colleges or universities; cursing, yelling, humiliating, belittling.

  3. Unapproved work and/or other activities. Any road trip that would make it necessary for an applicant or candidate to travel extreme distances or under hazardous conditions or any activity that would endanger an applicant or candidate.
  4. Requiring any association with other organizations that would be demeaning and indecent.
  5. Running errands, buying food, gifts, or personal items, etc. for chapter members or other sorors.

If an applicant for membership in the Sorority allows herself to be the subject of such abuses, or participates in any activity, including the observation of same, and/or fails to report such abuses to appropriate Sorority officials — Chapter Officers, Regional Officers, National Officers and National Headquarters — she may be barred from admission to membership in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

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