Arts and Letters

Established in 1973 by National President Lillian Benbow, the ultimate goal of the National Commission of Arts and Letters has been to boldly advance the Black Experience through arts and letters and to ferret out the contributions of African American people of the past and lift them to public attention.

Delta Red Carpet

Premiere Events

Delta Red Carpet harnesses the power of the Sorority’s membership and community partners to redefine images of the African-American community in all forms of artistic media. Through this initiative, members support positive forms of entertainment—music, film, radio, television, visual and literary arts—while expressing concern for those art forms that promote harmful messages and negative stereotypes. Previous Red Carpet events that have included Annie, Beyond the Lights, The Wiz Live and Motown the Musical.

Literary Café

Voices of the Future

As the culmination of our successful Argyle Literacy and Mentorship Program, the Arts and Letters Committee hosts a free Literary Café that is open the community.  Participants learn the importance of African-American Literature through exposure to published authors and promoting our culture through music, singers, and poets.   Our young authors develop a more positive outlook for reading and the performing arts while showcasing their growing talent.