Executive Committee

Heeding the call...

Under the leadership of President Mona Williams, the 2017-2019 MCAC Executive Board is committed to continuing the legacy of community involvement established by our Charter Members and leading our chapter into a new season of innovative and impactful service within Montgomery County Maryland as well as our sisterhood.

(Pictured from left to right: Second Vice President Barbara Boney, President Mona Williams, First Vice President Pamela Luckett)

2017-2018 Executive Board

Elected Officers

President –Mona Williams
First Vice President – Pamela Luckett
Second Vice President – Barbara Boney
Recording Secretary – Deborah Bright-Harris
Corresponding Secretary – Marissa Washington Msefya
Financial Secretary – Jacqueline Dennard
Asst. Financial Secretary –Sheryl Perkins
Treasurer – Sherry McNeill
Immediate Past President –LaTonyia Wade

Appointed Officers and Positions

Chaplain – Brenda Kelly
Historian – Sharon Jackson
Custodian of Properties
Sergeant-At-Arms – Yolanda Booker
Parliamentarian – Melanye Johnson, Esq.
Risk Management Coordinator – Vera Davis Edelin

Committee Chairs

Arts and Letters -Tsion Seifu and Crystal Roberts
Bowl in the New Year
Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy – Leah Hubbard and Nicole Lemon
Dr. Jeanne L. Noble Delta GEMS – Erica Woods and Monica Ramey
Economic Development – Marilyn Massey-Ball and Jerri Monroe
Educational Development – Marsha Smith
Emergency Response – Pearl Parker
International Awareness and Involvement
MLK Day of Service – Nena Abdul-Wakeel
Physical and Mental Health
Scholarship – Theresa Thompson and Sheila Marshall
Science and Everyday Experiences (SEE) – Stephanie Allen
Social Action – Pat Grant and Diane Cherry
Summer Breeze